I obtained my BKO (University Teaching Qualification) certificate in 2015.

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Taught at Radboud University Nijmegen, unless stated otherwise.

Year Course title Programme Course Type
2015, 2016 Text Mining Research Master Language and Communication, masters Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Oral lectures and research paper
2014, 2015, 2016 Information Retrieval (student evaluation) masters Computer Science (Data Science), Information Science, Artificial Intelligence Oral lectures and seminar
2012 Machine Learning in Practice master Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence Seminar
2011 Machine Translation and Other NLP applications (6 lectures) Erasmus mundus master (University of Wolverhampton) Oral lectures
2010 Statistiek werkgroep bachelor Bedrijfscommunicatie Seminar
2009, 2010 Advances in Language Technology master Language and Speech Technology Oral lectures
2009, 2010 Linguïstische analyse voor informatieverwerking bachelor Linguistics, minor Language and Speech Technology Oral lectures and  practical
2007 Formele grammatica’s in AGFL bachelor Linguistics Practical
2006 Corpusmethodologie en Information Retrieval bachelor Linguistics Oral lectures and practical
2006 Programmeren bachelor Linguistics Practical
2003 Corpusmethodologie bachelor Linguistics Oral lectures and  practical

Guest lectures

Year Lecture title In which course Programme
2014 Document Classification Information Retrieval master Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
2013 Text Classification Statistical Machine Learning master Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
2012 Information Retrieval Trends in AI master Artificial Intelligence
2010 Text Mining NLP Applications Erasmus mundus master (University of Wolverhampton)
2009 Question Answering Information Retrieval master Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence

Developing course materials

Year Programme Course Materials developed
2015 Research Master Language & Communication, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (master) Text mining Hoorcolleges, opdrachten en tentamenvragen
2014 Computer Science, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence (master) Information Retrieval Hoor- en werkcolleges voor vier weken (slides), opdrachten en tentamenvragen
2009 Language and Speech Technology (master) Advances in Language Technology Hoorcolleges (slides), literatuur t.b.v. studentpresentaties en tentamen
2009 Linguistics (minor) Linguïstische analyse voor informatieverwerking Hoorcolleges, practicumopdrachten en tentamen
2006 Language and Speech Technology Corpusmethodologie en Information Retrieval Hoorcolleges, practicumopdrachten en tentamen

Supervising student projects (bachelor and master level)

Year Name student Programme Course
2016-2017 Natalie Widmann Artificial Intelligence Master thesis
2016-2017 Merijn Beeksma Language and Speech Technology Master thesis
2016 Stijn Voss Data Science Research internship
2016 Bas van Berkel Data Science Master thesis
2015 Bram Arends Computer Science Research internship
2015 Sietse Mooren Computer Science bachelor thesis
2014 Marlies van de Voort Computer Science master thesis
2014 Ruben Nijveld Computer Science bachelor thesis
2013 Joël Cox Information Science bachelor thesis
2013 Danny Hendrix en Evertson Croes Hogeschool-Computer Science internship
2012 Louis Onrust Language and Speech Technology master thesis
2007-2008 Daphne Theijssen Research Master Language and Communication master thesis